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My name is Gonzalo Ovejero and I'm the person behind almostDesign. I work as creative director, art director, graphic designer, photographer, motiongrapher, light design artist... And I code too, so some people could say I'm a full stack graphic designer... Who knows?

I graduated with honors in Design from Universitat de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) and postgraduated from School of Visual Arts (New York, USA) and Pratt Institute (New York, USA). Also rounded my education in University of West England (Bristol, UK) and Escola Massana (Barcelona, Spain). I currently live and work from Barcelona, Spain.

I've been working in the creative industries for almost 20 years and I’ve produced design, artwork and websites for renowned brands like Seat, Nokia, Brugal, Vodafone, Bimbo, Revlon, Barcelona Poesía, Synapsis Festival, Llum Barcelona, Fünkdamental Records, Grafica Estudio…

I'm also an active member of the BeatMe Lab collective, through which we carry out multidisciplinary artistic projects related to light: mapping projections, led and dmx lighting, interactive installations, etc.

Concurrently I've worked as expansion director for celebrated Hong Kong based IdN Magazine and also as independent consultant, helping agencies on proper communication between design and development departments. Besides I’ve participated as speaker in events like TMDG (Mar del Plata, Argentina), Latin Lover Fest (Santiago, Chile) and Motiva (Oviedo, Spain). And sometimes I also write... Check my article in the Journal of Humanistic Psychiatry about how Internet is altering our brains.

If you’d like to ask, propose, suggest, recommend, advise, collaborate, order or request anything just drop me a line!

Awards and Honours

I've been honored for my work in design and creativity by relevant organizations like ADG-FAD or CODiGC. Additionally, I was awarded by Universitat de Barcelona with the Extraordinary Prize of Degree for my academic career.

  • GaudeamusProjecta
    Innova Prize 2018
  • Universitat de Barcelona
    Premio Extraordinario de Carrera (Outstanding Graduation Award)
  • Laus
    Bronze Prize 2014 (Online Advertising)
  • Barcelona Visual Sound
    Web Design Jury Award 2011
    Web Design Jury Award 2012
    Web Design Jury Award 2013
    Web Design Audience Award 2002
    Web Design Audience Award 2003
  • The Metamorphosis
    Editorial design work published in the book Type Rules! 2nd Edition, A Designer’s Guide to Professional Typography (Ilene Strizver. 2006, New York: Wiley).

Lectures and Articles

I've spoken and researched on different topics, specially on the intersection of design, art and technology. I'm also very interested in biology, psychiatry and psychology. Did you know that our brain is plastic and Internet (and how we use it) is altering its shape? Sometimes I also write... Check my article about it in the Journal of Humanistic Psychiatry.

  • El Último Humanista (2021)
    Podcast collaboration in «The Conspiracy» and «The Power of Images».
  • Jornada INNOVA&TECNIA (2019, Barcelona, Spain)
    Lecture: «MOB BCN, Interactive Visualizations about Barcelona Mobility».
  • Journal of Humanistic Psychiatry (2017)
    Research article: «Are New Information and Communication Technologies Changing Us?».
  • EAO (2017, Oviedo Spain)
    Lecture: «GUI, the Graphical User Interface».
  • Motiva (2012, Oviedo, Spain)
    Lecture «The Semantic Web: Designing for Robots».
  • TRImarchi DG (2010, Mar del Plata, Argentina)
    Lecture: IdN, 15 Years on Graphic Design.
  • Latin Lover Fest (2009, Santiago de Chile, Chile)
    Lecture: Design Magazines and Contemporary Thinking.

Exhibitions and Artistic Projects

What's is the difference between art and design? Can be design considered as art? Could be art considered as communication? Edgar Degas once said «art is not what you see, but what you make others see» and it makes me think about the boundaries between these disciplines. Anyway, even I don't call myself specifically an «artist», some of my work has been exhibited in different spaces, from the streets of Spain or México, to that industrial alley in an old factory in Barcelona.

  • Off Llum (2020, Barcelona, Spain)
    Participation with the collective BeatMe Lab with the light art audiovisual piece Poble9: Passatge Audiovisual.
  • WAC Lab (2020, Barcelona, Spain)
    Participation with the collective BeatMe Lab with the light art audiovisual piece OracLED.
  • Universitat de Barcelona (2015, Barcelona, Spain)
    Exhibition of the interactive piece «La Curiosidad».
  • Por el Diseño (2012, Tijuana Streets, México)
    Participation in the «Por el Diseño» urban exhibition.
  • Sinapsis Festival (2012, Torreblanca, Spain)
    In charge for the visual part of the festival and participation as videojockey.
  • Motiva 2012 (Oviedo and Gijón streets, Spain)
    Participation in the «Asturias Motiva» posters urban exhibition.
  • Motiva 2011 (Oviedo and Gijón streets, Spain)
    Participation in the «Por el Diseño» posters urban exhibition.
  • Motiva 2010 (Oviedo and Gijón streets, Spain)
    Participation in the «Tu Don más Natural» posters urban exhibition.
  • Skate Art / Skate RIP (2009, Museo della Scienza e della Tecnología «Leonardo da Vinci», Milán, Italy)
    Participation in the skateboards illustration exhibition.
  • Skate Art / Skate RIP (2009, Cripta del FAD, Barcelona, Spain)
    Participation in the skateboards illustration exhibition.